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BRUNY20 ran from 2020 to 2023 and is now complete.

Future programs to be advised.

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Arts Fellowship


Total Value: $75,000

BRUNY20 (which ran from 2020-2023) provided opportunities for Australian artists to develop their practice in a supportive location, conducive to exploring universal environmental themes.


Three fellowships were awarded, each valued at $25,000, including cash in the amount of $16,600 and accommodation on Bruny Island for the fieldwork component of the fellowship to the value of $8,400. 

The fellowship was open to all artists, including visual artists, musicians, writers, performers, filmmakers, new media and multi-disciplinary artists.

BRUNY20 was made possible by the generous support of Principal Partner BRUNYISLANDAU (



Image Amanda Davies, Write the things which thou hast seen, (Detail) BRUNY16



2018 and 2019

In 2018 and 2019 the Bruny Island Foundation invited artists across a broad range of disciplines (visual artists, writers, musicians, multi form) to complete a supported residency for four weeks. Two residencies were offered in each year. 


The Cape Bruny Residency took place in the South Bruny Island National Park in 2018 and 2019. This residency was offered in partnership with the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service. Accommodation for the residency was a former lighthouse keeper's cottage (Q1) at Cape Bruny.  

The Bruny Island Residency took place at Honeycomb Cottage in Adventure Bay in 2018 and Ventnor Homestead in Lunawanna in 2019. 

The success of these residencies helped shape the format for BRUNY20.


Arcadia Sound Installation, Sam Nester, 2019 Bruny Island Residency



Art Prizes

'The Bruny’ was a unique national art prize, focused specifically on painting that explores concepts of identity and environment, including the relationship between people and the physical world. 


In 2018, the broad theme of the prize was the 'Art of Adaptation', which encompasses the way communities negotiate challenges such as climate adaptation.

The winner of BRUNY18 was awarded $20,000. 

BRUNY16 and BRUNY18 were outstanding successes thanks to the participation of hundreds of artists from all over Australia; the integrity, expertise and commitment of our esteemed judges; the support from the Bruny Island community; and the generosity of our sponsors.

The success of 'The Bruny', as well as some of the limitations of the conventional art prize format, has shaped the development of BRUNY20.


157. Haddon.jpg

Image Neil Haddon, No Future, No Prospect, (Detail), BRUNY18

About the


The Bruny Island Foundation for the Arts facilitates:

  • Bruny Island as a space to encourage arts practice of national and international importance

  • Bruny Island as a site for exploring universal themes, particularly the relationship between people and the environment

  • the reputation of Bruny Island as a creative community 

  • involvement of the general community in awareness of and support for the arts on Bruny Island

  • Bruny Island as a destination for arts practitioners and as a hub for arts communication


The Foundation is a non-profit public company limited by guarantee and a registered Australian charity.  The Foundation is on the Commonwealth Register of Cultural Organisations and has Deductible Gift Recipient Status.  This means eligible donations to the Bruny Island Foundation Fund are tax deductible. 

Find out more about making a donation and becoming a Friend of Bruny 


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